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New Social Network Supports Skilled Trades this Labor Day

New Social Network Supports Skilled Trades this Labor Day

Transportation technology is critical to the American economy, as are the skilled technicians who help maintain steady supply chains and get goods where they need to go.The demand for transportation technicians is surging. However, many students planning their futures and individuals considering career changes don’t realize the opportunities and the potential for success in transportation technology and repair.Often underestimated as “blue collar,” or “grease monkey” jobs, today’s transportation technicians are actually high-tech “new collar” workers who depend on their computer skills and fluency with the latest in digital technology.”A modern car runs on approximately 100 million lines of computer code, more than twice that of the NASA space shuttle,” says Mike Pressendo, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer for TechForce Foundation.”Now, with electric vehicles set to become more common than ever before, the list of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills transportation technicians need continues to grow. These are skilled, well-paying, technical jobs that literally keep America rolling.”According to a 2021 survey, 62 percent of high school students want to forge their own educational path, with 29 percent saying that the pandemic’s financial impact makes them less likely to attend a four-year college. Unfortunately, many students don’t know about the tech-school career options available to them. A staggering 63 percent said they wish their school provided more information about different types of fulfilling careers.The TechForce Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3), has created the first and only social network designed and gamified for tech students and professional technicians to connect with each other, schools, industry and employers. TechForce connects students and career changers to a career guide, available at The TechForce social media also showcases the “Because I’m a Tech…” campaign, which features a diverse group of technicians sharing their stories of successful and secure skilled technician careers.TechForce’s social network supports the growth and placement of skilled technicians, with opportunities for career exploration, scholarships, free technical training and events. The online platform also connects schools with industry resources.”Next-gen techs are digital-native, yet there was no commercial-free digital environment for them to connect with peers, showcase their talents, check out employers and compete for points, status and prizes,” according to TechForce CEO, Jennifer Maher.”TechForce is the first and only social network of its kind, full of engaging content and designed by GenZers for GenZ as the place for aspiring and working techs to explore and advance their careers.”For additional information about TechForce’s social network, visit

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